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St. Jacob Volleyball Team

The Volleyball season is January through March. We have had a co-ed team the past sixteen years and are now in our 2018 season. The co-ed game is quite fascinating since, if you have two or more hits on your side, both a male and female have to touch the ball.

Randy Hardin coaches our St. Jacob volleyball team which is played Monday Nights as part of the Miamisburg Churches Volleyball league. All our games are at the Miamisburg Church of God gym on Heincke Rd. We have a fun time, and sometimes even win! Play during the season is for seeding in the tournament which will be scheduled after the end of season play.


January 15 - game canceled due to weather
         so we did not lose!!!

January 22 - 9:15 at Church of God-Heincke
         a close match-we won one game

January 29 - 6:15 at Church of God-Heincke
         this one was even closer

February 5 - 8:15 at Church of God-Heincke
         we are working together well but...

February 12 - 8:15 and 9:15 Church of God
          wow, those teams were good

February 19 - 7:15 at Church of God-Heincke
          Sore legs from last week?

February 26 - 6:15 at Church of God-Heincke
           our earliest game

March 5 - 7:15 at Church of God-Heincke
           March will be here soon

March 12 - 7:15 at Church of God-Heincke
           Last game of regular season

March 19 - Tournament games

March 26 - Tournament games