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   Our adventurous Co-Ed Softball Team

    2017 season is here. We know our first game is 7:15 on April 10th......

    check the hotline for rainouts-859-5760

    4/10-7:15 our first game

    4/17-8:15 our second game

    4/24-7:15 our third game

    5/1-9:15 our fourth game

    5/8-6:15 our fifth game

    5/15-8:15 our sixth game

    5/22-7:15 our seventh game

    5/29-Memorial Day weekend - no games

    6/5-8:15 Here we go again!!!

    6/12-8:15 Final regular season game

    6/20-?:15 A possible rain-out date?

    6/27-?:15 Another rain-out date?

    7/4-July 4th - no games

    7/11- ?:15 We finish with league tournament