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Our next worship services are October 23rd at 10:30 and noon. The gospel for this Sunday is Luke 18:9-14 and Pastor Hout’s theme is “The Story of Two Men” Our 10:30 service is let by the pipe organ and the noon service is led by guitars. You can read this gospel text and the entire Bible online at www.biblegateway.com

Thanks for visiting We hope you enjoy your time on our humble website.  We may not be as big and fancy as some places but we have important people here......people like you!

Our Annual Hayride is nearly here Please join us on the 23rd of October at the Warrick Farm for our congregational hayride. It all starts at 5pm and it includes a petting zoo, a giant corn box, a campfire with yummy food and, of course, a hayride.

Prayers of the Church  October has been a good month for us as far as hospital visits go. No one, that we know of, from St. Jacob is in the hospital. Our prayers are with Mike Kash, Don Stupp, Sandy Jones, Kim Miller, Ryan Davis, Tim Downs, Bob Greenlee, Charlie Case as well as Zachary Boyd in the military. Prayers also go out for Christopher Boyd in seminary and Taylor Macy in Sengal with the Peace Corps.

Prayer of the Day - 23rd Sunday after Pentecost..“Holy God, our righteous judge, daily your mercy surprises us with everlasting forgiveness. Strengthen our hope in you, and grant that all the peoples of the earth may find their glory in you, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.”

Many many thanks to all who came to our annual fall congregational meeting to talk about our budget and new council members. It is always a special time when we gather together to plan for the future of the ministry at 213 East Central Avenue.

The last few weeks have busy for St. Jacob We had a fun Movie Night, an uplifting Rally Day for our Sunday School, another fine unit in the Kettering Holiday at Home parade and an amazing Top Festival in downtown Miamisburg. See more about this by going to the internet site miamisburg.org/tops

A good piece of scripture  Here is some great scripture we would like to highlight. Luke 18:14 “For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, but all who humble themsleves will be exalted.”

It has been a busy summer with all kinds of activity like Christmas in July and the Paragon Quartet and Co-Ed softball and an Ice Cream Social and another fantastic Day Camp. Did you hear about our great Day Camp and the fantastic counselors from LOMO (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Ohio)? How great to gather under the theme “The Jesus Way”. Yes, indeed, Jesus feeds, forgives, loves, serves and prays....plus he teaches us to do the same.

We continue to celebrate with Bob Arledge who recently visited with us and then went out and won another national championship for his age group (80-84). He said he would have beaten those in the 70 age group, too. Good job, Bob! He recently was training for the Kentucky games and guess what? He won there, too!!!

Special link because it is a great article about St. Jacob. Part of it was in the paper but we have the entire blog article here with some good pictures:

Upcoming Events include:
October 21-Game Night at St. Jacob from 7-9pm
October 23-Congregational Hayride starting at 5pm
October 27-Lunch Bunch at Ron’s Pizza
November 19-Church cleaning day
November 20-Community Thanksgiving worship
November 24-Thanksgiving Day meal at St. Jacob