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What a great Miamisburg Holiday Festival It all started with a nice parade at 11:30. We had unicycle and high wheel riders leading the way for a float with Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus. In the afternoon we had a bazaar of gently used Christmas items. There was a lot of activity and there were lots of happy faces of people gathering things for Christmas at their homes.

Thanksgiving day meal was fabulous We had a great meal and a great crowd on Thanksgiving day. Many thanks to all who attended (we served nearly 300 meals) and many thanks to all who volunteered to help. What a wonderful day this was for St. Jacob Lutheran Church!

Our prayers are with the family of Dr. Gebhart Cliff was a big part of our congregation and also a big part of our community. We had to say goodbye to him this week but we will always remember his dedication and his support of our work here at 213 E. Central.

What a great Miracle Sunday We had a great day with great attendance and also a great baptism. Quite amazingly we also had a great offering with over $21,000. What a great day for St. Jacob and for the family of God!

We are in November and starting to think about thanksgiving activities.....like our area wide Thanksgiving service and our community Thanksgiving meal. Come join us for all the thanks!

Reformation Sunday was full of red! We had red banners, red on the paraments, red bulletins and even red bracelets to hand out during the children’s sermon. It was a great day to take a look once again at Martin Luther and his work to reform the church.

St. Jacob Hayride was a lot of fun and we even had great weather. How nice to have this fun evening at the Warrick farm on South Union Road. The night included a campfire, pumpkins, a cookout, a petting zoo and peacocks as well as a great hayride.

Alumni Band Homecoming was a little bit wet on Friday but we still had a solid group in the alumni band and shared a lot of good memories. We even heard a number of people on the parade route say how good we sounded!

Congregational meeting went well and we are making big plans as children of God for 2015!!!

Participants from 6 to 86 We are still talking about all the recent 150th celebrations. Most amazing was not the six yeard old who played 1860’s base ball, but Paul T. Schultz who was playing at the age of 86!

150th anniversary of our building The weekend went very well. We had a great open house/ice cream social on Saturday with lots of great tours and activity on the lawn. Sunday morning we had Rally Day for our Sunday School and then two terrific worship services highlighting the 150 years of service from our building. How neat also to have a guest violin player in for worship! On Sunday afternoon lots of good times and fellowship was had around our 1860’s softball game. The weekend concluded with a tasty old fashioned picnic. Thank you God for the many years of faithful service from this building!

We had an exciting end to August with the Paragon quartet, top spinners from five states and a baptism of a young gal who is the 8th generation baptized at St. Jacob. Wow!!!

The 150th anniversary of our building is the 28th. We will have lunch at Ron’s Pizza that day. On September 14th we will have a special worship and a softball game in the afternoon followed by a picnic. On Saturday the 13th (the day before) there will be an open house/ice cream social at our building from 2-5. Join us for these great activities!

Coed softball team The season is finally over. We battled through lots of dropped items.....like softballs and raindrops! Actually, it was a good season and we even won a couple of games. Many thanks to all who played and helped out with the team in one way or another.

Day Camp was terrific! We had another fantastic week with great counselors and great kids and great staff with a great theme - “Living in God’s Time”. How great to see our place packed with children. We talked about John the Baptist, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and finished talking about being sent by the Holy Spirit. The seasons of the church year we covered were Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

We survived the Quinn/Thompson wedding Wow, what a gathering it was for that marriage ceremony. Our sanctuary was packed! Our prayers go out to the newlyweds Shannon and Doug. We look forward to seeing them back with us after the honeymoon. How exciting to have so many come back and fill our noon worship service the next day!

Congratulations to those confirmed We are so excited about Jacob Boyd, Brionna Pinto and Hannah Steingass who affirmed their baptism recently. What a nice group of young people! They also played a nice song on the handbells during the service.

Memorial Day parade How wonderful to have such nice weather for this great annual event. There were a lot of bicyclers riding in the parade and over a dozen of them were St. Jacob people. With all the walkers and other participants from St. Jacob there we had pretty good representation. 

Spring Fling parade There were a number of people who had conflicts and could not participate this year so Pastor Hout was worried about this. Many thanks to the surprise people who came to help our unit out. How exciting to have the Grand Marshal of the parade be from St. Jacob. Congratulations Virginia Kinderdine!

Happy Mother’s Day It was a good Sunday with lots of happy mothers and children in worship last Sunday. How nice to be able to give all the females in the congregation a flower!

Have you read the book “The Giving Tree” The front yard of St. Jacob has a giving tree that gave everything it had, but now is only a stump. Yet, that stump can still give by being a seat for passersby. Check out our stump and our giving tree.

Holy Hilarity Sunday was once again a day full of smiles and laughs. How wonderful that we can continue to gather one week after Easter Sunday and still celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive! We sang the contractor’s hymn, the dentist’s hymn, the student’s end of year hymn and more.

He Is Risen.....He Is Risen, Indeed!!! What a great day we had on Easter Sunday. The building looked beautiful from decorations and it looked even more beautiful because of all the people in attendance. The place was packed and we ran out of bulletins! How great to be able to share the good news with so many people!

Holy Week was special and we are thankful for the many people who helped out in so many ways during this time. It was a busy season of Lent for us and we could not have made it if it weren’t for everyone working together so well.

We are still celebrating a great Lenten Fair. How wonderful to have so many people and young ones here for this hands on educational event. Many thanks to all who helped with this night in one way or another. It was really special to see the joy and twinkle in the eyes of the little ones as they learned more about Jesus.

K’NEX Day at St. Jacob was fun You can see some of the many items that were made last Sunday near the baby grand piano in Albrecht Hall. Wow, there sure were a lot of K’NEX to use for building supplies!

Souper Bowl Sunday was Super and we also got to celebrate groundhog day at the same time. Most importantly, we were able to remember the hungry. Many thanks to all who came and supported our efforts to help others. Special thanks go to Kim Izor, Mary Izor and Karen Izor for their help in making the soup and more for the day.

We were able to have our annual meeting! This was impressive since the weather was so cold and snowy. Many thanks to all who braved the weather to help us plan for another year of ministry at 213 E. Central Avenue. Special thanks to president Kim Izor for all his work in putting together the annual report booklet.

We sure had a great run of good attendance but things have been slim around here after Christmas and with all the cold/snowy weather. Still, we are happy to say Happy New Year. We are praying for another terrific year at St. Jacob with lots of good service to our community.

Christmas Eve worship services were so well attended this year that Pastor Hout believes that is the most we have had on the 24th of December in several decades! Many thanks to the many who helped with the services especially all the musicians.

Miamisburg Community Chorus Concert was so successful that there was an overflow crowd! Many people from St. Jacob were in the concert and they did a wonderful job. Special congratuations to Dale Schram for his work in directing the chorus.

Sunday School Christmas program Last year this was a small affair. For the past 12 months we have been praying for more participation and for more children. How thrilling it was to see a Christmas miracle at St. Jacob with a hall full of people and lots of children in the program. Many thanks to our director, Dr. Marcia Vannet. She not only directed the play but she also wrote it! Many thanks, also, to the Christian Education committee that did such a wonderful job of contacting people and getting everyone involved.

Large crowd for Thanksgiving Day meal How wonderful to be able to do this for 18 years! We ended up serving 140 people in our fellowship hall and sent out 120 meals. How wonderful to see all the smiling faces and happy people at our big event on Thanksgiving day.

Community worship service was very nice How wonderful of Zion Lutheran in West Carrollton to host this fine annual event. It is always special when Christians get together but it is especially special when we gather each year to give thanks. As always, the choir was especially terrific. Next year we are the hosts!

Open House at Sidney Wagner’s What a great afternoon it was to celebrate her new home on Buckeye. The place was really full and there was a traffic jam on the street where people were parking! Our prayers of thanksgiving are with her as she completes this journey in her life. May she have many many years with this nice home.

WWII Banner found right before Veterans Day This banner has lots of blue stars and a few gold stars on it. After lots of research, it appears that this is from WWII and the stars are people from St. Jacob who fought in that war. There are 127 blue stars! It is amazing how many folks from here were involved in that war. There are three gold starts representing the three from this congregation that died in that conflict. An interesting fact is that at least four of those stars represent people we see in worship: Dale Schram, Paul Schultz, Herb Greggerson and Dr. Cliff Gebhart.

Reformation Sunday and All Saints Sunday We had a great reformation service with lots of great music and the singing of A Mighty Fortress. That was followed by All Saints Sunday where we remembered the saints who have gone before us, the saints among us and the saints yet to be.

The congregational hayride was great and how nice to have such good weather. Many many thanks to the Gore’s for hosting the event. It was a wonderful time and we heard a great laugh from Lynn Schultz.

Miamisburg Historic Homes Tour and we were a part of it. It went very well and we enjoyed having nearly 100 people come through our building. We received lots of nice compliments on how nice the place looks!

Alumni Band was great! Not really. It rained like crazy and they call off the homecoming parade. Still, the Alumni Band marched up to the field and completed their duties. Maybe next year will be better?

Rally Day was great and we had a lot of fun with some songs, skits, mad libs, stories and more. How great to begin another year in God’s word!

Miamisburg Whirled Top Festival was wonderful, exciting, thrilling, amazing, inspiring, fantastic and so much more. This was our 14th annual fest and they have gotten better and better every year. How exciting to have people here from Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Georgia, Alabama and more!

Christmas in July was special We had a lot of fun plus we were able to celebrate the birth of our Savior even though it was the middle of the summer. Many thanks to all who made the day special with Christmas hymns, Christmas message, Christmas decorations and even a number of Christmas sweaters.

Our Pool Party was a lot of fun and the Miamisburg pool was full of activity. Can you believe we had rain......right when we were leaving! We are used to getting rained out but this time the rain was perfectly timed. 

Day Camp was amazingly great and what a great week to study the theme “Faith Alive”. Plus, we had twice as many children in camp as we planned! What a week. Many thanks to the great counselors and the great staff and the great director, Laura Quinn.

Great fireworks in our downtown as a part of the Fox motors 100th celebration. Good work, Fox! The downtown was packed!!!

Flood remembrance day was a big event in our historic downtown. How great to see some of our people in costume. How great to see some of our people in the community chorus. How great to have one of our very own directing the chorus! Pastor Hout enjoyed riding his high wheeler around with his bowler hat and “high water” pants.

We survived another Talent Show How great to have people share their talents and skills they have developed. We had some ukeleles, some guitars, some piano, some story telling, some sword fighting and more. Pastor Hout showed some skills he has developed since the last Talent Show as he dribbled a basketball while unicycling and then juggled while unicycling.

Memorial Day was touching and it was so wonderful to have a number of our folks in the Memorial Day parade that morning. As the outside sign says “ALL GAVE SOME. SOME GAVE ALL.”

We had a great Spring Fling and our uncyclists and high wheelers were out in full force for the Spring Fling parade. It was a little wet as we walked to our assembly spots and waited but the rain eventually stopped and we had a good ride. We also passed out hundreds of frisbees with information about our congregation and Day Camp. Next up is the Memorial Day parade!

Hope you had a good Mother’s Day We enjoyed highlighting our mothers in worship and gave out flowers to all the females in the congregation!

Holy Humor Sunday was fun and it was great to have some good laughs remembering that the greatest joke in history was played on the devil when the tomb was found empty.

Holy Week was inspirational We had worship services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. How meaningful it was to reflect on the beginnings of Holy Communion on Thursday and the final hours of Jesus before his death on Friday. It was terrific to have fifteen people involved in the Good Friday service.

Lenten Fair was great despite the time change No one seemed too groggy from losing an hour of sleep. We had a great time with lots of wonderful crafts and food and ideas at our 36th (or was that 35th) annual Lenten Fair. Many thanks to all who participated and all who helped set up the special night, especially our Christian Education committee.

We are in the season of Lent We have midweek worship services at 7pm with a soup supper at 6pm. Please join us as we consider the theme “The Body of Christ”.

Unicycle Day was special We had nearly 40 people going in Albrecht Hall this past Sunday. Well, maybe not all were unicycling at the same time but a lot of people surely were trying. Many thanks to our special guests from the children’s circus of Cincinnati known as “My Nose Turns Red”. They sent five unicyclists and they were amazing. We have a number of people who are getting better and a number who are getting started so it was a very good day for St. Jacob.

Souper Bowl Sunday was super and there were lots of people enjoying egg drop soup (go Ravens) and Rice-A-Roni (the San Francisco treat) in our fellowship hall. There were also plenty of people trying to help the hungry that day with food for the food pantry or donations to our food pantry or the world hunger appeal.

A quote on the outside bulletin board - 2013 is going to be an odd year.

Another quote for the new year - Aspire to inspire, before you expire!

Christmas Eve and then all was calm It has been a busy and hectic December. We made it through another Christmas Eve with our 7:30 and 11:00 evening worship services. Maybe things will slow down a bit before we head to New Year’s Eve and then our January programming.

Sunday School Christmas program was another big success. Many thanks to all who came and participated. Special thanks to Dr. Marcia Vannet for her work in organizing the event and writing the play that included everyone. It was also great to have a giant nativity display in our chapel, courtesy of Karen Izor!

Community Thanksgiving Service at Trinity U.C.C. was another exceptional service between local congregations. This year we were fortunate to have four parishes involved (Trinity, St. John’s Lutheran, Zion Lutheran and, of course, St. Jacob) and what a treat it was to have the giant sixty voice choir and the wonderful bell group from Trinity. 

Veterans Day was on a Sunday this year. That meant that we were able to highlight those who served at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It was also great to have a special Miamisburg Community Chorus concert in the afternoon to thank our veterans.

All Saints Sunday was touching as we remembered the saints who have gone before us, the saints among us and the saints yet to be. It was sometime unique to have some “shaker bells” that Larry Benner used to play in the circus. We rang them at the children’s sermon and played Jesus Loves Me.

We had a good Reformation Sunday and talked a lot about our good friend Martin Luther. It was a special day and a special time to remember our history and heritage. This is most certainly true!

Read about our pipe organ Here is an interesting bit about our pipe organ:

AND BELOW IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT US: Our parish is located in the Southern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Read more about what's happening in our synod at the Synod Home Page

St. Jacob is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (the ELCA). Read more about it at the ELCA Website

The ELCA also has a very fine magazine. Check it out at “The Lutheran”

Our softball and volleyball team plays Monday nights with the Miamisburg Churches.

We have a Lenten fair each March with lots of great “hands on” learning!

There is a great daily devotion on the ELCA webpage. Check it out by clicking here