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Day Camp

Day Camp 2012 was another great week and a special time in the life of this congregation. Many thanks to the record crowd for this great week of fun and learning. The camp ran from 9am until 3pm and was staffed with energetic and trained young adults from LOMO (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Ohio). 

Would you like a registration form? Sorry, we do not have any ready for 2013! Later, we will mail you one if you call us at 866-4324 or you can stop in and pick one up Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10-noon when our office is open.

Here are some pictures from a previous year: http://saintjacob.shutterfly.com/

Do you remember any of these counselors from our Day Camp last year?

ABBY...from Ashland and goes to Bluffton College. She LOVES the Cleveland Indians and I Corinthians 10:31.

ANDREW...grew up in Lima and attends Valparaiso University. He does ballroom dancing and his favorite verse is I Peter 4:11.

BRENNA...spent her childhood in Medina and also goes to Valparaiso University. She likes I Corintians 13.

BROOKE...from Delphos and goes to the amazing Capital University. Did you know she had reconstructive surgery on her nose? Her Bible fav is Hebrews 13:1-3.

DRAKE...his hometown is Cortland and he attends THE Ohio State University. He just had his wisdom teeth taken out and loves Psalm 23.

GREG...calls Westlake his home and Kent State his college. He does a mean Cosby impression and especially likes Matthew 8:26. 

IAN...grew up in New Philadelphia and goes to Waynesburg University. He is a member of the reigning intramural volleyball team at his college! His favorite verse is Galations 2:20.

KARA...she is from Wauseon and is a student at Ashland University. She loves the rubics cube (she can solve them) and she also loves I Corinthians 15:57-58.

SARAH...likes the letter W as she is from Wadsworth and attends Wittenberg University. She loves running and Mark 5. 

VICTOR...he came to us all the way from the Ukraine! Odessa is his hometown. He does martial arts and works at Gloria Bible Camp in Ukraine. His favorite verse is Mark 10:45.