we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!



    2023 and we have played seven games.  We have won six of them and only lost one by a single run.  We did not hit very well that game but have hit well in other contests and have run ruled a number of teams!!!  The team is currently tied for first and we have another doubleheader this week on May 24th.  We have games at 7:15 and 8:15 and the later game is against the other team tied for first.  It should be an exciting night.

    The full schedule is posted below.

    Looking back, 2022 was quite a year for us.  Can you believe that we were regular season champions!!!  Sadly, we did not win the league tournament as other teams seem to find ways to load up their squad while we played our players who got us there.  We are not crying, though, and are happy for all the fun and excitement we had in the 2022 season.  We also won the league in 2021 to join the 1976 team as the only league champions in church history.

    Our 2023 schedule is posted below

    Hotline phone number for rainouts - 937-400-2004

    Here is our 2023 schedule (as updated on May 1st)...........

    4/26-7:15 (Away) on field #2 vs. Team Coyle
             (we squeaked by with a 26-1 score)

    5/3-7:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Sandlot Sluggers
            8:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Isotec
             (we won 17-7 and 23-11.  Can you believe we were behind
               10-3 in the second game before we came back?)

    5/10-7:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Where My Pitches At
            8:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Team Coyle
             (we won 16-6 and 22-12 - great hitting!!)

    5/17-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Sandlot Sluggers
            8:15 (Away) on field #2 vs. Isotec
            (we lost the first one 7-6 and won the second 14-12)

    5/24-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Where My Pitches At
            8:15(Home) on field #2 vs. Sandlot Sluggers
            (the 8:15 game is with teams tied for first)

    6/7-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Where My Pitches At
            (we will see if the season finishes on the 7th)

    6/14-League tournament
            (we look forward to this)



    St. Jacob.................9-1
    Sandlot Sluggers......7-3
    Team Tricia..............4-6
    Down the Pike..........0-10




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